Hidden Treasure in Sembawang Park ( 07/08/07)

Saturday, August 11, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:11 AM

Only one bus service comes here: No. 882, miss it and u wait twenty minutes -.-'

Tucked away in this park is a beautiful shoreline, and egg yolk like sunset *but cannot see it* , and beautiful restaurant lies here : Beaulieu House

Again..ambience, ambience~~

Ox tail dish~

Spicy spaghetti, with xia mi *dried shrimps*

Deep fried octopus~

Overall : Ambience is great due to the lighting and shoreline in the park, food wise not bad too.

But the cuisine and decoration of the restaurant could have been better, such as having dark wooden chairs and tables and fully aircon if dining in. Cuisine should be more uniform to give it a unique feel.