Ice Skating 31/07/07

Monday, August 06, 2007 Posted by YY on 10:53 PM

Haven been ice skating for many years, finally someone wants to go skating with me, i m really glad. That's me in the red skates, K in the blue one.

He's a newbie at it, in the 2hours he fell 3 times, thats quite little le leh. Kudos for his effort to learn a new skill =)

The first fall was extremely scary becos I was sooo afraid my skates go the WRONG PLACE..u know btwn the legs -______-'''

It nearly did, heng he sat on my skates..PHEW~

But old pple fall 3 times, already vv knuckle pain, here pain there pain..duno when then can skate again >.>

As for me, i am still able to do my stunt of going backwards in a circle, but no progress from there *bah* but i am not paying for any skating lessons as yet man..