Cooking Expedition 3 : Western Food (19/8)

Monday, August 20, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:21 AM

Cooking Expedition 3:
Cook In Charge : Chef K
Assistant Chef : Assistant YY
Cuisine: Western
Soup - Mushroom soup (brown mushrooms)
Appetitiser - Oven Baked Portobello Mushroom with diced tomato and cheese.
Main Course - Aglio Olio with prawns, and fried chicken thigh in cream sauce .
Dessert - Crepes dipped in Orange Mango sauce dusted with chocolate powder.
Drink - OMGWTFBBQ (thats the name), contents are orange juice, mango pulp, white grape sparkling juice, 1 capful of mandarin vodka.

Total Damage: Estimated about 30bucks in total for the food.

Ingredients before they go down the pan~

Preparing the mushroom soup, stir frying mushroom with onions and adding chicken stock.

Trusty chicken stock, pls rem to check if salt is included already, else stuff maybe too salty for consumption later

After stir frying those mushrooms, now put them into the blender and blend! Cover with cloth else they spurt out, cos its HOT!

Chicken thigh marinated with pepper and salt, deep fried.

Portobello mushrooms after they are washed and stalks removed. *stalk keep and use for topping later*

Tomato and diced mushroom stalks for topping. Lower pic is mushrooms for the soup again.

Top the mushrooms with cheese before sending into oven to bake at 200 Degrees Celsius for 15min or so. Add more cheese if you are using those Kraft ones. Recommend topping is Gloucester cheese though.

Adding chicken stock to the deep fried chicken, onions added. Cream and parsley to be added at later stage.

Mushroom soup completed with cream

Mushrooms outta oven~ *shld have added more cheese*

Cooking Aglio Olio, we managed to get live prawns that were still kicking after we reached the kitchen..o wow~ Add prawns before garlic, else the garlic may get too brown -> bitter after taste.

Adding in spaghetti into the pan, just nice for 2 hungry bears~

Finishing touch, add parsley and red chilli padi in taste. *pls take out the chilli seeds*

Finally DONE! Mushroom soup

Fried Chicken in cream sauce

Aglio Olio with baked mushroom and chicken thigh.

I am in charge of dessert, and dam~ i forgot my chocolate plain crepes Then Chef K came up with the idea of using orange juice + mango pulp + chocolate powder as a dip for the plain crepes.

Guess what's the drink on the right?It comprises of :
- Mango Pulp (1/4 of a mango)
- Orange Juice ( half a orange)
- Top up the rest of the glass with Sparking Juice (white grape flavour)Now you sense the taste is pretty sweet and nothing too fantastic, proceed to add 1/2 to 1 cap full of Mandarin Vodka~ TA DA!

This is the new cocktail OMGWTFBBQ..Why this name?

This is becos no one expected this great drink after adding everything in -.-'

Total Score:

- Mushroom Soup : 8/10
- Baked Mushroom : 7/10
- Chicken Thigh in cream sauce : 8/10
- Aglio Olio with prawns and chilli : 8/10

Overall~ FANTASTIC! Now that the standards is set so high, Chef K start to sweat liao >.>'
must crack brains on what to cook next le..wahahahaha~