Hk Trip 3rd Day (4th Nov)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:28 PM

In case you are wondering where's Day2 events..Day 2 was spent on looking for painted figurines in MongKok area like Sino Centre. If you ever played KOF, u will know there's a female called Mai in it...Mai's sexy hand painted figurine was so hard to find..BUT we finally got it for K's fren.

3rd day..finally we can start shopping for ourselves in Fa Yuen Street @ Mong yes back in Mong kok again. Street bazaar pic below, but for some real shopping, please visit the shops behind this bazaar the 2 rows on each side contains all sorts of export goods goodies =)

After lugging all the shopping bags around, PLUS the heavy jackets..we need FOOD~
K wanted to try 臭豆腐 and 牛什 at 路边摊, I pray that we will not LS after tt -_-'

臭豆腐 below:

牛什 ..can u tell which piece of meat belongs to which part? It tastes surprisingly good.

Since dinner was supposed to be at 7pm..we cldn't try everything...but heck care, I had to try the crepes. U can choose 2 flavours from a variety of ingredients to be added into ur crepe, all these for HKD12! I chose crab meat and pork floss.

After food and walking for the whole day, its time to go for home cooked dinner at my 6th Aunt's place. Seriously, I have never eaten anything cooked by her..I dun even remember seeing her in the So it was such a rare occasion that I had to go home and eat, thanks to K for accommodating this.

To ensure we had seats, we decided to try this SPECIAL cabin -> First Class Compartments. You have to tap your Octopus Card (like our EZLINK) first, else you risk getting a BIG FAT FINE when you get out of the station.

Inside the cabin...we got seats..YAY~ and woah its really quiet and crowds..You know why? It costs double compared to normal fare.. >_> Nvm..well worth the cost after one tiring day.

Up the condo to my Aunt's place..can u see what's odd in this picture?

The buttons with 4 in them and no.13 is missing..LOL~ talk abt superstitions