HK Trip ( 2nd Nov to 8th Nov)

Monday, November 26, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:36 PM

Its my 3rd time in 3 yrs visiting HK, of cos I won't be so eh..excited?

But it has been 10yrs since I last visited HK in winter season, this time its not very cold except at night and on the 1st day I actually shivered even though I wore socks to sleep =.='''

K is first time visitor to HK, so as half a hongkonger(such a word exists mah?) I brought him around to do touristy stuff =>买东西, 吃东西,买东西, 吃东西,买东西, 吃东西

Which was what I did everytime ..>.>'' he ended up with more new clothings than me hor.. >=(

1st day:
UA Flight..woke up @ 4am and receive sms while I was changing..K says he's in airport liao..I am friggin' at home still ~ lololol..its not that I am cool about travelling i.e. not gan cheong but cos my dad refuses to wake up so early hehe =.='

After eating some junk @ the airport departure cafe *obviously I forgot what I ate*, I spotted the OTO BIG FOOT..not bad but not suitable for small feet(size 5) of mine >.<'

Had to go home for dinner, therefore we didn't have much time except to look for Ah Mew Cafe. Walked round and round Harbour City~~~ I was dam irritated...

So we decided to go home for dinner, since its getting late..after walking past this old building, I stepped back a few steps..there it is ..the building we are looking for! Climbed upstairs and there you are, inside the Ah Mew Cafe~

Scenery outside the cafe -.-'

One of the grouchy grey kitty..furry stuff~

Only 5plus..these 2 cats slept like they had sloughed thru the day..which I seriously doubted.2 cats curled up nicely on a cushion, peaceful nap..occasionally awaken by my camera shutter.

So there I was happily sipping my drink while watching the cats~

2 cat lovers @ cat cafe => must take pic >.>

There was this cat which was posing on the sofa..however, it just had this stone expression hoho~ sianed from posing?

Ambience Pics~