Back Dated Post: 30/10 Petite Fours Lesson 4

Monday, November 26, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:05 PM

Its finally the last lesson, and this collection of petite fours are very er..brownish?

1. Orange Kisses
2. Hazel Nut Focus
3. Expresso Cheesecake
4. Cranberry Almond Nougatines
5. Coffee Buttons

This(Coffee Buttons Base Pastry) looks crunchy, crispy right? No its not, its something like kueh bu lu texture, surprising to us though~ Its really nicely browned to perfection..

Overview of 3 types of petite fours ( rectangular is Hazelnut Focus, the one with rosette is Orange Kisses)

When u have 10 different designs to draw, after spending 3-4 hrs on making the pastry..u experience the brain drain => crap things start coming the design below >.<''

Overview(the teacher's display), far behind is the nougatines(ahh vv nice!) , and nearest foreground is Expresso Cheesecake(pyramid shape) which is tad too coffeey for me -.-