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Saturday, November 24, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:37 PM

Have been lazy to blog recently, and as u have prolly seen my blog is becoming full of pics. Well..peektures speaks a thousand words =)

Recommending this steam boat buffet @ Katong, about $17.80(incl GST) per person on a weekend lunch. Soup base wise, can choose 2. We tried scallop and satay soup base, YUMMY~ haven got such gd stuff for long time.

Example of what we ordered, food is served when ordered from menu.

On 27th Oct, we went to Plush with Andros, Jon, Jiaxin, Philip, Qiaoling..and etc.. *cant rem la*

Cut my hair earlier on, attended K's granny birthday dinner and night time go clubbing. Its one of the most happening days -_-'

Pic with Andros

Me, K, Andros and Qiaoling

Me and K

After a few rounds of drinks, Jon turned into a kissing demon and tried to kiss K!
I felt like guy got violated by Jon -.-''
So there I was protecting K by pushing Jon and suddenly Jon said.."maybe I should kiss YOUinstead...." AHHHH~ there goes the abt pic with 2 persons trying to escape from the kissing demon. This Jon went into a kissing frenzy not once, but twice ZZzz~

It ended with Jon, dead drunk sleeping on the crouch..*of cos i didnt carry him home..*