3 malay kids took puggy away and he's NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! WHERE'S KARMA???!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009 Posted by YY on 10:43 AM

Just got news that 3 malay kids took Puggy away 2 days ago and the main feeder can't find him either. This has nothing to do with race, I have seen kids from other races behaving in the same unruly, barbaric manner.

I don't know what's fucking wrong with these bastards!

I saw them chased and terrorised the cats. One young girl even took the lead and led other kids to HUNT the cats from their hiding place.

I had first hand experience of being thrown plastic bottle in my face when a kid walked past and saw me feeding/playing with a cat. His fucking parent didn't even stop him or lecture him..she just walked past as if nothing happened.

I hope karma strikes you fucking bastards zillion times worse! *******

Don't tell me that its just a cat, an animal..FUCK U! Imagine the animal as your child/loved one before you make such a comment.

Being a human doesn't make you more superior than an animal.

I don't know whether to blame myself for luring BBMM away to the food area or the kids for being such bastards or the parents for their god damn failure in inculcating moral values in their young!