BBMM's kitten(s) are 1 month old today

Friday, March 27, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:11 PM

Bear bear and Puggy have been missing since Tuesday. But we found puggy alone in the drain today with BBMM nearby..where's bear bear?

I hope the someone who took bear bear away from mama will treat it well :'(

Puggy in the drain..too bad we missed the shot of Puggy sleeping on BBMM's tummy >_<

Puggy is hissed at us but no sound came out O.o

At around 5pm+, K saw Puggy and BBMM sleeping on their backs with Puggy sleeping on BBMM's tummy *awwwww* but he had no camera -.-'''

In the evening after BBMM came out for food, we saw Puggy sleeping on his back. EXPOSED!

K caught the shot of Puggy yawning hehehe~

Happy 1 month to BearBear and Puggy =(o.o)=