Menya Shinchan *revisited*

Friday, March 27, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:40 AM

Revisited Menya Shinchan many times but today we had something different.

Spicy pork ramen. This item comes with thin noodles and the soup has a thick layer of chilli oil ~_~ so don't slurp these noodles, else you will choke on the chilli oil => X_x

K's extra hot double tsukemen. Noodles comes with lime, egg, char siew and bamboo shoots.
It's spicy item and I guess HOT stands for high temperature too.

One of the dipping sauce, light bonito flavour. YUM~

This is EXTRA HOT, so much so that it was boiling for 1-2mins after it arrived at the table.
The extra hot dipping sauce is a much heavier flavour of bonito compared to the other.

Both of them gives a fantastic mix to the noodles and lime gives it a refreshing taste.