Kitties Update

Monday, March 23, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:39 AM

The kittens are supposed to be 3 weeks old by end of this week but we have no pics on them cos their mama, BBMM shifted them under the praying altar =((( But we saw bear bear(whiter kitten) walking inside so we presume they are well and alive.

Here's BBMM with K stroking her.

LLM got very jealous and we noticed her jealous streak more and more often. Like going "MEOW!" then swat BBMM with her paws or passing by BBMM then hissing at her and swatting her. The latest one that K saw was LLM running from behind while BBMM is sitting down, then using her(LLM) paws to swat the back of BBMM's head..what a vengeful kitty!

Well, the "bad blood" did not start without a reason either, cos the other day BBMM chased LLM around angrily as LLM tried to paw her kittens from one side of the altar. Naughty LLM -.-'

Jealous LLM as below:

They kept a safe distance while doing the same activity, bathing.

LLM on her pride rock.

Over the weekend, we visited Crookie as well cos we left early on Friday and she didn't get her dinner. She's so cute and cuddly.