SGSB SFIV Tournament

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:18 AM

Melon and S-Unit organised a Street Fighter 4 tournament on PS3 at Melon's place.
It's one of the largest turnout following Bacon Explosion outing with 12 participants and 1 spectator =D

At 3.30pm, everyone drew a lot for their opponent and the tournament starts with Ericonz(Ken) facing Beast(El Fuerte).

The match continues on..its Ratix0(feilong) VS UncleG(Zangief).

Finally both sides produced 6 semi finalists. Meanwhile, Ratix0 became the winner of the losers -_-' through losers match.

One of the matches: Kenneth(balrog) VS UncleG(Zangief)

The prize from Beast: Kino vouchers $30.

Final match result: Melon emerged as the winner~ The host takes the prize.

In between the matches we had some EPIC moments like Double K.O between CJ and S-Unit and the crowd directing Divinesage to use Zangief as its a new char to him.

Till now, everyone is still high from all the violent slamming and fighting lol~
Playing the SF IV is bad for me..its gonna get me real violent cos I love fast flying/slamming chars..but KOF still seems more fun to me.