Kitties update~

Saturday, March 14, 2009 Posted by YY on 11:37 PM

There is BBMM sitting in the flowerpot and the kittens were kneading her for milk.

Short video..unfortunately, BBMM covered the kittens from the camera zzzzz~

9th March 09: 12 days old. Pugss

11th March 09: 14 days old. Sleepy kittens~

11th March 09: We caught a glimpse of their eyes..they have opened their eyes awww!
This whiter kitten really looks like a bear. <(o.-)> It was lying on its back while its darker fur sibling is sleeping beside it.

Awww too cute!


13th March 09: 16 days old kittens. Finally caught both of their faces on camera! =D

Update on Crookie and LLM:
Both of them returned on 11th March 09 and I managed to see LLM and Crookie on 12th.
They are tipped ear cats now ~_~ finally.
They are still in some pain from the operation and Crookie hurt her nose.

But yes no more harassment from Black Male anymore!