Marina Barrage on a super rainy day ~_~

Sunday, March 22, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:29 AM

I took a half day leave to attend K's dept gathering at Marina Barrage so we left office at 12noon and took the train to Marina Bay MRT Station.

Camwhoring in the train cos its virtually empty~ There's K with no. 1 expression.

Marina South is "in ruins" with all the IR works in progress. Here lies the piece of land where the steamboat BBQ buffet restaurants used to be =(

We started eating at this eatery as buffet lunch was catered for. Suddenly..a scene from "Pirates of the Carribean" started at the windows nearby >_>''' and the afternoon activity was supposed to be KITE FLYING! Oh noes..


Some viewing platform that I haven stepped on yet.

In the exhibition hall, K with no.1 expression.

I am blue da ber di da ber dia~

He's blue

3P actions transforms Singapore? Over the years, we learnt from experts =D

Some really really crap ePostCard application in the exhibition area. There's K sending the postcard to himself *he's that MONKEY in the postcard*

Why is it crap? Basically, you need to press 'enter' on the machine while standing at the green background area*to take a pic*, its about 1.5m away -.-'' Next, they literally paste your stupid photo over a chosen background and send it to your email(entered).


Huge downpour turned into slight drizzle..but its too late for any group activities so we decided to leave.

Marina Barrage.

We had nothing to do -.-'' so we went to Far East Plaza for shopping. I saw a few stuffs that I liked but they were not worth the price tag on them. At 5pm, we decided we should go queue for Wasabi Tei. Oh wow, at 5.15pm the first 16 seats are filled *phew*

Inside Wasabi Tei finally after half hour of queueing, 5.37pm.

I ordered the Beef Set while K ordered the Sashimi dish, $25 for all these thickly sliced fresh sashimi. There's scallop, salmon, salmon belly, tuna, snapper and swordfish which is really value for money and K says,"YUM YUM!".