Meeting OLD frens twice in a row

Sunday, July 16, 2006 Posted by YY on 6:16 PM

Logs on to friendster to approve a fren, suddenly i receive a msg in my inbox...It read: "Hey rem me? I m RX frm your JJC orientation class" Oh yes of course i rem i added him into msn..and i got another classmate's msn, TM, frm him..
On msn,
RX : "Is your bf MJ??"
Me : "No la..not him"

Saturday midnite..sat down after ordering prata..looks across the tables..There i see a familiar face..O tt's my JJC angel, KY (angel mortal game..he was my angel)..Went over and talked abit...
KY : "Which one is ur bf? He pointed to the table i was sitted at"
Me : "Oh its tt one in blue lor"
KY : "Eh y is it not MJ??"
Me : "No la..its not la -.-"

=.= whats with this MJ being my bf...he wont be..cos its a missed chance on his part
* i bet he doesnt know till now XD* .

If u are mentioned in the above post and u wanna know more, just msn me LOL.