Quiz as demanded by boonie tt i do it too...

Thursday, July 27, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:48 PM

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. See all my family and frens
2. Be with bibi
3. Eat some good food
4. Go on a tour if can
5. Draw up my will
6. Find a new gf for bibi
7. Wear nice nice

7 things I can do:
1. Do ASP programming
2. Take pics of nice kitties
3. Feed kitties
4. Chat on msn
5. Play maple
6. Roller blade
7. Ice skate

7 things I cannot do:
1. Stay at home and rot
2. Speak to strangers naturally
3. Go jogging
4. Run marathon
5. Play tennis
6. Go shopping now
7. Start tour now

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Humour
2. Filial-ness
3. Smell *I associate some pple with smell like perfume*
4. How he treats me
5. Masculine *i dun like males with a hint of sissy-ness*
6. Pampers me
7. Must be a male la

7 things that I say most often:
1. Eh?
2. wtf
3. lol
4. bah
5. meow
6. kitties
7. damn

7 celebrity crushes: -Nil-

7 people I want to do this: Apparently i cant think of who -.-''

Favourite colour(s): Orange, cream, pink, beige-brown
Favourite food: Durian, mango, rambutan, satay, in short..gd food.
Favorite song(s): None at the moment except some dance/techno pop
Favourite movie: Forrest Gump / Da Vinci Code
Favourite sport: Ice skating
Favourite day of the week: Fridays!
Favourite season: Winter and Summer. Summer got sales..winter got snow.
Favourite ice-cream: Peppermint and MANGO

Current mood: happy cos i m gg on leave tmr
Current taste: Nuttin?
Current clothes: Dress and Jacket
Current toenail: Plain
Current time: 1.46pm
Current surroundings: My office
Current annoyances: Lotsa outstanding issues and i have no MOOD to look at them
Current thoughts: I want to lvl my character!

First best friends: i forgot them..=.=i think someone in cantonment road child care
First crush: forgot too -.-
First movie: zzz forgot too
First lie: lost in my brain..cant recall

Last cigarette: no smoking here
Last drink (alcohol): Dun drink tooLast crush: Hmm...secret :X
Last movie: Pirates of the Carribean
Last phone call: Called bibi to wake up
Last CD played: Mp3..

Have you ever dated your best friend(s): Nope
Have you ever broken the law: Nope Have you ever been arrested: Nope
Have you ever skinny dipped: Nope~
Have you ever been on TV: Eh yah audience at GOTCHA/ Pyramid Games
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: Noppy

5 things you are wearing: Jacket, dress, shoes, under garments x2

4 things you've done today: Chat on msn, call travel agency, submitted my time sheet, fixed RT errors, did some use case updates

3 things you can hear right now: Mp3, someone chatting, the RAIN

1 thing you do when you're bored: SLEEP -.-