SMART system : 赛里死

Thursday, July 27, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:37 PM

Today is the last day of work, no i m not handing in any white envelope, but tmr onwards to 6th Aug i m going on leave *YAY*

Why this title on SMART system... because the project i m working in, pronounce after me: 赛 -里 - 死... Its SHITTY, and we are stuck in this deep shit, doomed forever..This project is overtime, and they are adding NEW stuff to the WORKING code every week..

And boy, the development programming tool is sooo SMART. Whenever we are in a rush to test something, change something, compile something.. IT JAMS and runs out of short this damn tool always knows when to chao keng and act sick when we need it..

Now tt's S M A R T systems for you :)