Strange things tt pple claim

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 Posted by YY on 5:00 PM

Its strange how a guy who "stalked" me ard in JC but nv had the courage to come up to talk to me...when i asked him on ICQ *later on after donkey yrs he added me on icq duno get no. frm who* , he said he scared i wld be angry if he came to talk to me o.0

I wonder what goes on in his mind...and then now he starts talkin to me again via msn *abt 2 yrs frm we talked on icq* , he says he thinks i m a nice person and he wld get along very well with me..

Wtf? I dun even recognise him on the streets *frankly speakin i nv noticed him in JC* ...and he says smth like he knows me so darn well... -_-'' crap

*Reminded of CK incident* This is another stalker story ..shant elaborate here ;p

ok the KITTIES pics...they are missing till now..suspect tt some guy brought them home and robbed us of our only entertainment in office