Tuesday, July 04, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:07 AM

It was a fine sunny morning, bibi called me at 6.35am to wake me up for work, thank u bibi~
Got everything done on time, walked to bus stop..then~ wtf 7.30am and the darn 506 is not here yet....

Finally it came..no seats..fine~ Then the driver jammed his brakes causing all of us to fall fwd, cant he decide whether to chiong or brake...idiot! Finally i sat down..took a short nap..and to my horror when i alighted the bus 38 had just left the berth..this 506 driver is not only a indecisive one, but also irritatingly late in arrival..and he keeps using his horn..to horn cars *with hazard lights on* in his path. The female driver is much much better, arrives early and drives smoothly..who says females dun drive well