Read a very sad blog

Friday, June 30, 2006 Posted by YY on 3:46 PM

Was reading this blog linked by Jon about this girl ( who blogged abt her life after discovering saddening..and i nearly wanna cry in office =.=''

I must say i m scared to die too because i will miss bibi ..who's gonna take care of him w/o me being ard

Oh btw i will post pics of some cutie kitties later when i upload frm my 7250

Some entertainment during office hrs:

Read thru their SPI files and investigations..oh SG is so spooky~

U know why m i blogging now? Cos the RT server is so darn slow.. wtf~

I got nuttin to crap abt ..wkend is coming and its gonna end soon..*pessimist*

*GDI* it has been 10mins and its still loading the fiaking INBOX

Fine..i will go surf maple forum