At Causeway Bay (Hk 2006 Part I)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:04 AM

Shopping at Sogo
Shopping at Causeway Bay, u must visit the SOGO there. It has a large variety of designs, and the designs are NICE..that's the thing..NICE~ And at the 9th floor or rather the event hall, the whole storey is reserved to display all goods on great discounts like 50% to 90% off that kind of thing. I bought a tops at HKD60 bucks..SGD=$12..under jap brand DEKZO. Anyway, there's levis sales on that floor too..but i cant be bothered..lmao

And SOGO had this japanese supermarket, which sells VODKA shots in plastic bottles like a cone shape with 25% alcohol content. Its pretty interesting, but we didnt buy any back. 1 shot at 25% alchohol content..>.>

Ah Mew Cafe

This is the stay-near-the-door-nvestigate-when-needed kitty, its persian breed i think. It came to investigate our sogo shopping bag when we first sat down.

Kitty stares at floor...*meow* This is the sticky kitty

At Ah Mew Cafe at Causeway Bay, this cafe allows their own cats to roam freely in the restaurant/cafe..ALL cats dere were so FAT! This one on my lap is fierce, it stared till the cat sitting under the lamp backed away. Yes yy is having a gd time stroking fell asleep and didnt wanna go off my lap >.>

Spotted Li Zhi, Zheng Jia Ying shooting a drama serial at Causeway Bay, we walked along with the crowd..and at the secluded spot we spotted the TVB mini bus. No time to waste, snap snap get a picture with the van~

Damn blog spirit, now i m reduced to posting a few pictures on blogspot..cos blogspot has wols uploading speed.