Overall Review on the airline

Friday, August 11, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:54 AM

And to sum up, we shall end with the experience with Cathay airlines. Apparently, they have been the Airline of the yr 2005/2006.. however it remains to be seen with the experience we had with them.

1.) Food was served after more than 1.5hrs..crap..in between we were left high and dry in the plane *High in the air, dry air around us*

2.) When i asked for soya bean milk, the stewardess gave the the "HUH??" look..like she never heard of it before.. -.- and finally she told me..no we don't have it on board..zzz

3.) The stewardess always MIA..i cant find them on the isle..they are basically..somewhere else in the plane

4.) Slow motion in serving food/ etc/ drinks whatever

5.) The food sux.. ok it may not be their fault..but basically the other 2 airlines i often fly with have better stuff *bleah*

6.) This complaint is for bibi, he says the stewardess(s) CMI =.= its not their fault too >.>

7.) The plane was delayed damn long..u mean 2 days to clear those pple u have delayed in the airport aint enuff?? Maybe it wasnt cos the inital chaos proved too much for them to sort out.