Shopping / Etc Tips in HK

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:28 AM

Good bargains for all shopping addicts:

  1. Mong Kok : Fa Yuen Street, the shops by the side NOT the stalls on the road
  2. Tsim Sha Tsui : Granville Street, all ur Abercrombie/Guess/whatever branded and off season goods/exported goods like caps/bags/swim wear/clothes of both female and male. And lots more like padded winter jackets and gloves.
  3. All branches of G2000, look out for bargains on padded jackets/skirts. The long sleeves costs the same at the 70% off final sale in SG.
  4. Off season outlet of Hang Ten/ Bossini located at Granville St.
  5. All branches of U2
  6. All sports shops selling ADIDAS/NIKE/PUMA/Le Coqtiff stuff *how to spell* All the latest season shoes/bags/slippers/jackets all on FINAL SALE. S$50 can get u the latest season, nike laptop sling bag. S$100 gets u a limited edition adidas sports shoes.
  7. All Zara, Espirit sales. Nice goods, cheaper than SG

The cheapest tee shirt i saw at price was for 2pcs at HKD$49, we shall take S$1 = HKD$5.

This price was from Bossini outlet, for those tees u buy at S$10++, its only like 5bucks at the outlet..and u can basically find those stuff u wanted to buy in Singapore in Feb/March in that outlet store...

So i went rummaging in the outlet store and found OMG the khaki color jacket that costs S$69 when i saw it in March..and it finally vanished from Singapore stores when i wanted to get it...Now i see it on HK at the outlet store at only HKD$150 -_-' More than 50% discount from the Singapore it !

In mong kok's Fa yuen Street, u can get alot of branded stuff..ok the quality may not be like what u expect..u have to check thoroughly that the piece u are buying has no print damages, holes..etc These clothes come with their tags damaged so pple who buy at these export shops will not be able to exchange these clothes with those sold in the stores. But i dun really care abt the tags long as the cloth looks nice. The cheapest bargain u can get frm these export clothes shops is abt HKD$29~36 for a tee..a abercrombie pants will cost u abt HKD$75 at most.. Which long pants in singapore will cost less than 20bucks? One thing abt the export shops, its SIZE. If u wear XL and u are a male, hurray u got many clothes to fit in -.-'