Short tail is alive~

Friday, August 18, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:00 AM

Past few weeks, short tail hasn't been eating much..unlike normally she gobbles all food asap
I thought she might have been having a sore throat that's why

One afternoon, i saw her sitting at an area which she doen't usually appear in..i looked closely and saw blood stains around her..and blood dripping drop by drop from her hind end..

She is having a miscarriage or due to give birth? Panicked..i immediately went back to office and asked all collegues if they knew the symptons was birth or one could give an answer..

So i went on to yahoo Q&A and posted..immediately i got replies but mostly told me the cat was either dying or having period >.> But some pple say cats dun have period -.-
Most replies say : Take it to the vet NOW !
But who's paying and i m at one can help the poor kitty..
SPCA will put it to sleep for sure..

So i went to put some water for the cat, but there were these 2 orhh lang that blocked my path to the cat..and worst..they may think i m siao or trying to breed dengue mosquitoes with the saucer of water..

So i retreated and decided to walk for the right opportunity..When i went back, she's missing!
Oh shit my short tail is missing..did she went off to look for a place to die or give birth?

However, i saw my favourite short tail again yesterday its rubbed against it..and it bled on me >.>

This morning while feeding a new black cat on block and long tail, i saw short tail coming from panasonic..she was drinking some water..then ate a little she looks fine again..

Love u darling short tail meow meow~

Refer to above for short tail pic.