Tears caused by 赛里死

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:03 AM

After lookin for the kitties (cant see them ard), i went back to the corridoor..heard some sobbing sounds..frm a glance i knew who it was from..

The two of them stood at the side of the corridoor...it was a sore sight..it looked as if he was comforting her because he was sorry for molesting her or smth -_-' No , he was her superior and she was his "tu di"...I knew it was something about work..

Crying is often seen as a cowardly display to me..i don't like and won't let others see my tears unless those very close to me like bibi, mum, dad..

The two on the isle with occasional sobbings sounds ..have not returned..they shld have gone somewhere discreet..now a few of us passing by knew it..and so will others who prowl around the pantry..its not very nice -_-' Crying about work ..hmm IMO shld be done in private..o yes i do get pek chek and complain with tears to bibi..but not to others..