Baking Class Lesson 2 : Chiffon Cakes

Monday, April 16, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:00 PM

Lesson No. 2 : Chiffon Cakes

Cakes to be made : Orange Lemon Cake, Banana Cake, Pandan Cake

Banana Cake, was the second cake to be made. Judy says it pretty well done XD

Orange cake was the first cake, basically I dun quite like orange cakes cos they seem to overpower every flavour after tasting them. Originally we didnt wanna do the coating, cos it seems to ruin the cake -.-' But the materials are there already, so we followed her demo and did it. Instant jelly powder was used, so it forms a jelly like layer on the cake.

After pouring the orange jelly on cake :

These chocolates got white designs on them because we used this plastic sheet called chocolate transfer sheet. It costs abt $3 for one sheet and can only be used once zzz~

The pair in front of us painted the chocolate sheet and cutted the chocolates, they didnt know one table share one they were supposed to give us half of it instead. And they cut triangles. I duno what's with everyone..or rather triangles..why dun they cut smth else? Like stars? Circle also can ..this triangles =.=' I dun like conformity

Ugly cake..and this pair was using the chocolate paste at their own sweet time, in the end the chocolate triangles doesnt stick well..phui~

Last cake to be done, pandan cake..we were 2nd last I think -.-' But it came out pretty well except the pandan smell was nt heavy enuff..duno why..maybe due to coconut paste was used instead of coconut milk. Need to work on this aspect.

Bibi ratings: Overall ok, but pandan cake is not fragrant enuff.
Dad ratings: Packed the rest remaining cakes home, dad insists I didnt bake it. He thinks I bought the cakes outside and passed off as my own >=0 I assured him, yes its done by ur daughter XD
Beng ratings: Unknown at the moment. Cos he refused to eat it yet. =_=

Chef shared a funny story, she said last time when she first baked a cake was when she was sweet 16 (16yrs old). She wanted to impress her then bf's mother. Like bringing a cake to his hse, show his mum and say ,"Look auntie, I baked this cake myself. Its for u."
So she tried her hands on a cake, and it was rising happily in the oven. She took it out and then it started sinking. She comforted herself saying "O maybe the temperature differences so the cake sank abit..." But the cake continued sinking and it became as flat as a pancake. =.=
So in the end, she bought some fruits and gave to the bf's mum instead.

And she said, "Morale of the story is whenever you are gonna to bake a cake, do not tell anyone else u are baking until ur cake comes out successful " XD

Afterwards, she took two weeks to recover from her trauma and started to try new cakes again. Lol~