1st time got pple cook for me to eat - 28/07/07

Monday, August 06, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:43 PM

Its an honour to have with us Chef K today.
Browsing for potential frogs to be dinner ~
In case you duno, frog legs is one of my fav, but the uncook look is so..ewww~ *no pics uploaded for all those gory*

Dissecting the frog..zzzz~ it suddenly moved and gave us a shock! -.-'

Ok, its really an honour to have a guy cook dinner for u. ^^

Red pepper with frog legs

Potato with ketchup and luncheon meat

Instant noodles with black soya sauce and eggs

I did contribute by cooking the instant noodles..i nv purely use eye power hor~

Dessert was supposed to be a surprise, mango cream