EN Place Japanese Dining Bar (05/02/08)

Saturday, March 15, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:30 AM

Its 9th April liao..so much backlog for my blog..omgomgomg~ Well, so to produce all the blog posts..I gotta rush!

Ok back to En Place, its pretty nice ambience for Okinawan Food, but if you compare this restaurant to my experience way back before Nirai Kanai became lousy..En Place LOSE~

Some pics on the stuff we ate:

Fish Cake


Pork Belly, tastes tougher than Nirai Kanai though

Unagi Fried Rice

Second visit on 28/02/08:


Bittergourd Champuru

Carrot Champuru *this one tastes nt bad*

Pancake..didn't like this though..

Chicken Wings..YUMMY~

Update later if i rem -.-'