Valentine's Day

Monday, April 14, 2008 Posted by YY on 12:28 AM

Was in office when my phone rang..
Person:"Are u xxx? Can u come downstairs? There's a bouquet for u!"
Me:"Eh ...ok?"
*Goes downstairs*
*Receives bouquet and signed off*
*Paiseh and rushes up to office*

Me in bus with bouquet..not say vv pretty, but well its still a gesture of love on a 'special' *commercialised*
Well, i gave a $100 budget incl my bdae celebration inside..>.<' what to do~~~ *buy it after 13th,14th,15th => same $ for beautiful stuff..but I dun guarantee if u(reading) will still have a gf by then..LOL!*

Nice stuff @ WaffleTown, visit them when you have the chance! Cheap cheap only..main course around 6-7bucks and waffle with 1 scoop ice cream is $3.70 only =D

Chicken chop, with fantastic potato wedges and fruit salad..really bagus for the price!

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