Cooking Expedition (10/05/08)

Sunday, May 11, 2008 Posted by YY on 2:06 PM

Dinner Menu:
Main course - Risotto and baked sea bass fillet with citrus olive butter
Sides - Calamari

Before cooking dinner, we decided to give 姜汁撞奶 another try. This time it worked!
Pics(clockwise from top) : After pouring in the hot milk; After coagulated! Next pic..look at the texture, kindda melt in your mouth like very soft soyabean curd~

Conditions required for successful 姜汁撞奶:
- 80 to 85 degrees milk
- Fat ratio of 3.8 milk
- Old ginger juice

Back in Sep '07, K tried his hands on calamari but the batter won't stick to the squids so it was a failure XD This time, after some tips..we decide to re-attempt this time..hiaks~ I guess it was counted as successful this time round.

Pics(clockwise from top): Cutting and washing the squid was pretty disgusting >.<, here's the processed ones; dipping the squid in egg yolk; mixing some flour into the batter so tt it sticks to the squid; the final product~

This is the citrus olive butter for the sea bass fillet.. ingredients involved are minced olives, orange zest, balsamic vinegar and butter(we used Lurpak butter here which was very light in taste)

Milky fish stock cooked from sea bass remains after filleting it.

Its the 1st time I am trying risotto..K bought this box of risotto and I was wondering how does it look like..

There you go..woo~ large hard grains of rice

Meanwhile we marinated the fish with salt, pepper and thymes and baked it cos we had no grill.

Pics(clockwise from top left): The chardonnay to be poured into the risotto(at the beginning); cooking the risotto with onion first; burning off the white wine; pouring stock into the risotto spoon by spoon while cooking.

Oh **** we ran out of stock..and so K had no choice but to add some white wine(bad choice..cos it results in sourish risotto) and water in place of stock.

Finally, the risotto decided to go soft enough for me to digest..and so dinner's done! Risotto with parmesan cheese, butter turns out creamy and bacon simply added more flavour~ Sea bass when baked doesn't give it much flavours though, but the citrus olive butter was surprisingly matching for fish.

Close up for the crispy calamari~

I guess K will have to brush up on his risotto skills to whip up something decent and we need a grilling equipment asap >.<