Taiwan Trip Review: 花莲 (Hualien 1 day guided tour ) Part 2

Sunday, September 07, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:40 PM

After Taroko National Park walk, we walked along the Cimu bridge (慈母桥) which was lined with 100 different lions made from Hualien's marble stones (花岗石), 50 on each side i think. It was drizzling, so we quickly took a walk and left.

Took a pic of the lion's butt..

YJ then came up with this funny picture during post editing -.-'

Omg sighting~! The waterfalls from the mountain..only one in sight zzz..

Vivien then drove and stopped by this dam. Remember about Japanese ruling Taiwan for 50years before? Vivien told us this dam was made by the Japanese back then during their reign(1895 to 1945) , and till this date, the dam is still functioning.

She also commented that the Japanese had very high end technology back then cos they could carve out the mountain rocks to actually accommodate the electricity generator inside o.O' Another thing Vivien felt, was that the Japanese had treated Taiwan like their second home/off shore island, bringing plants from their country (that is why you can see sakura at some mountains..think 杨明山) and bringing their machinery all the way to Taiwan via sea.

Just before lunch, we decided to drop by Swallow Grotto.

We were actually quite close to the valley...these trails are well created to ensure that the visitors are thoroughly immersed in natures' beauty.

On my right, its the mountainous scenery with water flowing through..

Beautiful rocks, water..

During certain seasons, there will be swallows flying around the valley. Although we didn't see them, we had other birds flying around. The holes are actually used by the swallows, but I do not know how these holes are created in the first place -_-'

The rocks are have the visible "bend" as well => formed due to plates movements.

Another overall view.

Vivien then told us about this "Gorilla" mountain that can only be seen when the skies are clear. At this moment, the sun was shining on the "Gorilla" so we quickly took a pic. The "Gorilla" is actually facing >>> side, can you see its body and head?

The taiwanese are imaginative.. In the pic above, can you see the frog rock beneath the pavillion?

After a very very lousy lunch, yes food at Taroko tourist spot sux big time..we arrived at 岳王亭.

At 岳王亭, there's a bridge which stretches across two mountains. The pic above is taken from afar before arriving at the pavillion, to show the length of the bridge.

Me and YH on the bridge.
YH is afraid of heights so is K, so we two continued to walk around and YH went all the way to the other side and back.

Another place, tunnel of nine turns. But we are not very interested in this place actually and its quite similar to Swallow Grotto except no holey mountains.

After some 30min walk at tunnel of nine turns, we hopped onto the car and came to 长春祠 (Chang Chun Temple) for a stopover. Over here, there's a cafe selling mountain water drinks so we sat down for a break.

Meanwhile, YH took a walk up the mountain trail and we three were tired. So YH went right up to the pavillion to get a feel of the cooling mountain waters.

Overview of the rocks below and temple...there was even a family swimming in the waters, which is of course illegal -.-

Vivien said that the temple has been reconstructed several times and after each natural disaster (flood/typhoon..etc) occurs, the temple, water, rocks looks different so there are actually quite a few different looks in different years.