Taiwan Trip Review: 野柳,九份,基隆 (Yehliu, Jiufen, Keelung 1 day trip) Part 2

Monday, September 01, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:40 PM

After Jiufen, Meeky drove us to 黄金博物园区(Gold Ecological Park) which was under renovation when we went *suay* so we kindda walk ard for 10mins and left. Another thing is that, we 4 are not fans of museums *bleah*

Meeky mentioned that Taiwan was ruled by Japan for some 50years. During the 50years, the Japanese built the necessary infrastructure required to mine gold and copper from Taiwan..as such the park was built here.

金瓜石, Jing gua shi was name of the mining area. This mining cart is placed here to commemorate the fact that 金瓜石 was at its peak during the times when mining activites were taking place. This is a must take picture according to Meeky. *After hopping on the cab, he told us this and we checked..heng ar we took this pic*

After leaving 金瓜石, Meeky drove us to a small pavillion which overlooks the mountains and sea. The sea is called 鸳鸯海 due to the 2 contrasting colors, yellow and blue. Breathtaking views at this area..

黄金瀑布 as shown above...its called 黄金瀑布 because the waters and rocks here look copperish in color *forgot is it due to the copper present in the rocks* The copper present in the rocks were washed into the sea, resulting in the yellowish waters and TA DA~ the 鸳鸯海 was formed.

Group photo taken by Meeky..he has got steady hands =D

Next, Meeky took us along the mountain roads and introduced to us something called "夜总会" while pointing to the little houses amongst the lalangs growing wildly in the field. It took us a few moments to understand that "夜总会" refers to the ancestral graves of the Taiwanese. We guessed that the ancestral graves maybe located there due to good fengshui *think mountains and sea* However, YH was abit confused and started asking Meeky,"什么人会来夜总会啊?"

Meeky replied, "什么人都有, 有老人, 小孩, 年轻人都有啊~!" Then the rest of us burst out in laughter and told YH that it refers to ancestral graves not the literal meaning of night clubs.

Meeky then stopped at the foot of a winding mountain road and told us to follow the trail up to get a superb view of 鸳鸯海 from the pavillions located along the mountain trail.
The pic above shows the various stations along the mountain trail.

YJ was exhausted and full of complaints @!^$*(@&#$^ from the long walks throughout the entire day..so the 3 of us went to the top of the mountain *which we thought was the end of the trail cos we didn't get to see any maps beforehand* and here we saw 鼻头国小(Bitou Primary School) . From the top of the mountain, we saw the scenic view of the primary school surrounded by mountains and the sea.

Huge school compound from another angle. I duno why I felt it looked so japanese to me..maybe due to the ghost movie 学校怪谈 whereby a school is located by the sea -_-''

As I was dog tired due to heat and YJ was spewing *&@#@^!... we sent our fittest garang travellor, YH to recce the "sea and sky paviliion" and equipped her with a 10MP camera. While waiting for her, the rest of us camwhored at the top of the mountain.

Pictures of the pacific ocean taken from the paviliion along the mountain trail.

Our garang travellor made it to the pavillion after some 20mins..of cos a pic must be taken.

The road leading to 鼻头渔港 (harbour) after walking down the mountain trail and Meeky was already waiting for us at the drop off area.

Hopped on Meeky's cab and this time we stopped by an area along the expressway. I like it here in Taiwan, the way they feel proud about their natural scenery/heritage, build necessary infrastucture to educate people and how they actually preserve these areas.

The board above explains the scenery we are about to see..

Meeky took a group pic for us..noticed that the older generation tend to take the entire scenery and then the people normally looks very small in the pic *We,the younger gen tend to take BIG heads, that's what my mum/dad says* ..but its fine photography skills.

Another pic, say "Cheese!"

I requested K to take this pic for us cos the rocks formation that we were grabbing reminds me of meringue.

At the tip of the rocks, there's ONE man fishing on his own..too small to see from the thumbnail though. He's fishing at the TIP of taiwan~!

Beautiful rocks..

After taking pics, Meeky drove us to Keelung and I fell asleep....~ so nothing to say here XDD

I woke up to find myself in 中正公园. Meeky gave us a handful of shilings and asked us to try our luck at the wishing well. We took over the coins and looked at each other in amusement ~_~
In this park, there's some temple like structures but THIS IS A PARK.

Very tall Kuanyin here, very majestic.From a webby, it says 22.5metres tall whoa~

From the park, we can see Keelung port.

4 of us gathered around the wishing well..of cos 3 of us in the pics.

This wishing well is very special. The hands u see in the pic, they rotate in a clockwise manner and are located about 5cm under water. Words are written on the hands like "出入平安" and to sucessfully "get" your wish, you have to drop the coin into the well, through the water, onto the hand.

Calculations for time taken to fall from well into water, water onto the hand were so hard to estimate and we finished the shilings in no time >_<'' *and I thought the wishing well was just dropping coins into water* We dug into our pockets for more but none of us succeeded =(


Meeky dropped us at Keelung's famous night market, MiaoKou night market. At first we didn't know that we were in MiaoKou night market, until we saw the yellow lanterns and temple XDD

We told Meeky that we needed 2hours and he looked amused..and I knew why after walking around MiaoKou night market. Initially, K wanted to have some seafood here but no locals were eating and the vendors looked tourist-thirsty -.-'

So to prevent from being carroted, we had some local delights instead and left Miaokou after about 1hr plus XDD

YY's very tired. And what's with that YJ and her 'V'..apparently, they were not sleepy heads like me -.-'

Meeky drove us back to our hotel after Keelung and gosh~ its about 7pm..the trip took 10hours.
A group photo with Meeky, taken by a passerby. That's us with all our local specialities from Jiufen ^_^
I had expected Meeky to stand closer though but well at least a photo for remembrance. =D

To sum it up, the Yehliu -> Jiufen-> Keelung trip was well worth NT3000 for the entire day's trip. I simply cannot imagine waiting for the tour buses to ferry us around and wasting time on waiting pisses YY off big time. But if you ask if this is a MUST-GO, I would say no for those who have only 4-5 days in Taiwan though.

Lastly, Meeky is a really interesting guide with some cold jokes at times e.g. he said "什么都可以吃, 就是不要吃亏" when he asked K what food he tried. "什么都可以做,就是不要做坏事" during another occasion..DUH jokes XDD