Advance Bread Making Lesson 1 (07/09/08)

Monday, October 13, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:33 PM

Waited for a year plus and finally..Advance Bread Making lessons are available again!
For the first lesson today (7th Sep) we are making:
1.) Conchas Bread
2.) English Muffins
3.) Panini

We started making the sponge for the conchas bread first cos it needed 2hour to ferment. It was alittle strange because Judy(instructor) purposely left us to recall the details from the bread foundation course. Without clear step by step instructions, funny things started happening to some groups >_>''

A group behind us started making the main dough (u are supposed to add the sponge dough, after its fermented, into the main dough) while the sponge was still fermenting. Judy noticed something weird and shouted across the room,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??" The group then went all pale and Judy continued,"U are going to have problems later.." ._.

Finally had some time to take pictures. The colored dough is for decorating the conchas bread, 3 colors in all. And the white dough rising in the background is the panini dough. The panini dough was done so that we can focus on making the conchas bread itself while the panini dough is going through fermentation.

Finally the brown colored dough - Conchas bread dough is separated into equal pieces and rounded..dough's resting in the pic above.

After the 2 breads, we started making English muffins. At first, we thought English muffins were muffin cakes but its actually the kind of bread that McDonald's use for sausage McMuffin <- its this muffin we are doing today o.O The above pic shows the equipment used to cut the muffins.
The muffins were dusted with semolina flour.

Muffins much muffins, 500grams of flour to be shared between 2 persons is so much -_-

Top left: The final dough after combining the main dough and sponge. Rest of pics: The bread is filled with chocolate cream and we started creating designs for the breads. Top right clockwise: K designed this "IIDX" bread; designed from cutting tools; Crookie on the bread!

Overall designs.

While proofing the other breads, we started pan frying the muffins. This is a tough job..too big a flame, the insides are uncooked when the outside is burnt.

I was getting real impatient..from frying so many muffins ZZZzz~

The panini bread which is used mostly as sandwiches in cafes, tastes best when toasted before serving. The panini is baked on the oven floor unlike the rest.

The paninis are out of the oven! Puffy soft looking pillows..

Judy commented that they looked good and air was retained inside, thus it rised nicely.

Bottom of the panini looking nicely browned.

In the next lesson, we are learning some new techniques in bread making..looking forward to it!