Beppu Menkan @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:24 PM

Went to Beppu Menkan cos Steph/Melon mentioned its their fav ramen restaurant and there's a newly opened branch just near the baking school =D So here we are after the tiring baking course @ Culinaire.

Ordered 2 glasses of cold green tea..o.O there's lemon inside. The lemon slices kindda covered the green tea's taste.

We ordered a Beppu Ramen and Kamado Jigoku, both at level 2 spicyness. We gathered that there's no point in going higher in spicyness as what we wanted was to taste the ramen..not so much for testing my limits >_<''

Beppu Ramen came..looks not bad.

My Kamado Jigoku Ramen that came with thinly sliced beef.
Well, level 2 was just nice..luckily we didn't go for level 4, else we would be sweating after a tiring class -.-' But the noodles' texture and soup were not memorable enough to make me return =(

Dessert was mixed fruit yogurt, this is pretty nice for $3.30.

To conclude, everyone has their favourite ramen restaurant.
Mine is marutama, so what's yours?


Comment by shu on 9:03 PM
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Comment by shu on 9:05 PM

hi i love your food entries & the kitties :) i love the shoyu and tonkatsu ramen from this place called bongout cafe

(oops! sorry! accidentally delete the comment)

Comment by YY on 12:31 AM

Oh hihi~
Went to the URL and realised I have visited bongout cafe before. I think I had something like cold noodles.

Comment by shu on 5:50 PM
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Comment by shu on 5:53 PM

the ramen set comes with 2 onigiri ^^ ~ must try!