Wasabi Tei @ Far East Plaza *AGAIN* (11/11/08)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:56 PM

Been here many times..queued over 1hour on many occasions but I still love the Uncle's one man show. Ended work early today due to company event and so we decided to rush down to Wasabi Tei to queue, it took quite awhile even though we arrived at 6+pm

Our order:
1. Tokujyo Set
Comes with
- Appetiser
- Mozuku
- Chawanmushi
- Salmon Sashimi (6pcs)
- Kama shioyaki OR Unagi kabayaki
- Rice & miso soup
- Dessert

2. Saba Shioyaki (only the fish)
3. Green tea ice cream

Its our first time trying Tokujyo set cos we were not too hungry and wanted something different, by ordering a set and an additional dish, Saba Shioyaki(mackerel) ..it can satisfy two of us, just nice in portions.

The appetiser..yummy as usual.

Something new ..mozuku is actually a kind of seaweed soaked in vinegar. Interesting texture like chewy jelly and it makes you hungry with that sourness.

Chawanmushi (steam egg) full of goodness..lotsa mushrooms, crab stick (gd stuff), prawn, vermicelli, chicken meat and ultra smooth texture.

Salmon sashimi came..before this, we saw the chef picked out the bones from the salmon fillet cautiously then cutting them into these 1cm thick slices. *K loves raw fish*
6pcs of about 1 cm thick salmon sashimi.

Then my saba shioyaki came with oil sizzling on the surface of the fish. Today, the Chef didn't overcook the fish *hiaks* I am lucky. Then came K's rice and I shared half of it so we both will have some room for dessert later.

K's kama shioyaki came. We initially thought that kama shioyaki is on menu "just for show" cos no one actually ordered it in our presence ._.'' So when the Tokujyo set was available, we were excited to see what is it actually about.

Kama shioyaki refers to fish's collar..well, I do not know what fish has such a big collar, but according to K..this is yellow tail fish -_-' . Tender fish meat and their natural juices locked in with fragrant crispy fish skin and edges together with lemon juice, .. *SLURP*

Dessert for the set meal came and it turned out to be green tea ice cream too! So we each had a scoop of green tea ice cream which tastes smooth, creamy and not too sweet..seriously good stuff.

Let's calculate the total damage:
1. Tokujyo set - $28
2. Saba shioyaki - $6 (w.o set)
3. Green Tea ice cream - $3
4. 2 person seat charge - $2 x 2 = $4

Total : $41 *WOOT*

So why should you order the Tokujyo set? Individual items from the set would have cost you much more, so its really value for money. $_$

Wasabi Tei, where quality of food surpasses that of the price by thousands and hundreds times.