Guai Shushu @ Telok Blangah

Friday, November 14, 2008 Posted by YY on 10:01 AM

I was feeding the kitties today and I saw a man loitering around..pacing up and down the path way at least 2 times and looked at me each time he passed by. I decided to continue playing with buibin who was meowing non stop.

I sat down at the bench then the GSS(guai shushu) walked towards me and buibin ran~

GSS: U like cats?
Me: Yah
GSS: U are local?
Me: Yah of cos..why?
GSS: Nothing, I thought you are foreigner
GSS: U live here?
Me: No, i work nearby
GSS: Oh i see..
Me: *uncomfortable..takes out phone* Oh its so late already, I got to go. Bye.
GSS: Bye! *Walks to lift landing and looks at me while i walk off*

Dunk! It must have been the short skirt I was wearing zzzz~