STICKY - Traditional Handmade Yummy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Posted by YY on 11:14 PM

Chanced upon this new setup at the basement of The our amazement, we saw two young men wrestling with semi hard candy.

They are making candies by hand.... O.O

Presenting STICKY - Traditional Handmade Yummy

A small crowd soon gathered and we were watching a 'live' show on the making of candies. One of the guys was arranging the "pattern" for the candy by layering the green, red, white colored candy strips..while another flattens the white candy sheet. We also noticed that there seems to be 3 different workspaces, ranging from very hot, warm to cool.

Time to wrap the "pattern" into the white candy sheet.

Roll press..

Surprisingly, the thickly rolled candy can be pulled into such thin strands.

At the other end, one of them is stationed at the 'cool' workspace and will chop the candy strand into equal length rods before knocking them with his tool (see pic)

The end product is something like the above. The design in the middle of the candy is what I meant by "pattern". It really takes some artistic talent and visualisation to create such beautiful candies =D

Of course we patronised them, Kiwi Rock 70g for $2.90 . Taste wise it is not bad and there is also free sampling available at the counter.

Do drop by to visit them to see how these beautiful colorful candies are made. It will be an eye opener for you =D