It's 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:07 PM

Time for New Year Resolutions and to review the previous year, 2008.

Jan 2008:
I watched the Jacky Cheung concert, he's fantastic just like CD quality.

Feb 2008:

It's Chinese New Year and I was happy to try new clothes, new style for visiting =D

My favourite style was 2nd day of New Year.

And it was also Valentine's Day, got a surprise bouquet. Although it was not a "romantically beautiful" bouquet..what to do? I set a budget for K to only spend $100 for vday and my birthday XDDDdd

And most importantly, it was my birthday month and I had "3 days of celebration" with good food.

Mar 2008:

Went to Desaru for 2D1N and got bitten 10 over times by mosquitoes who wouldn't leave me alone at night T_T

Apr 2008:

We discovered our favourite Japanese restaurant, WASABI TEI!

May 2008:

Waited for 1 year to take the chocolate making course by Chef Geert and finally its here~! =D

And we met a pregnant cat, Crookie baobao! The most tamed cat ever.

Jun 2008:

Went to Taiwan/HK for a total of 16 days. Fantastic stuff! And the best thing was everyone came back without extra weight despite eating and eating..well of course we walked alot more in search for food. :)

Jul 2008:

We finally found their hiding place..the 3 kittens(LL,ZZ,BB) borned by Crookie. Cutie feeding them every morning and evening became a routine for us.
It was also when we first brought Crookie to a vet to treat her wound and she was such a darling

Aug 2008:

And wore a yukata for the first time at Natsu Masturi event. It was fun but the queues were long~

Sep 2008:

Nothing much happened, except we got closer to the kitties and they were officially lap cats(from mid Aug).

Oct 2008:

We were attending Bread Course Stage 2.

Nov 2008:

I became a developer again and there's still 6 months more to go *sigh*

Received a surprise gift from KS. Coach wristlet in PINK!
Although buying branded stuff has never been in me..this wristlet is beautiful.

And I went for Cake Stage 2 course after 1 year+ after the first course.

Dec 2008::

Nothing much, its more of work and I wish I was in Hokkaido.

Time for some New Year Resolutions.