Yakitori Uma @ Orchard Plaza (09/04/09)

Saturday, April 11, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:12 AM

We are here at a "new" Japanese Restaurant, Yakitori Uma. We peered in through the glass and saw that there were only 2 tables of customers on a Thursday. Actually I was afraid that we will 'tio tok' at this restaurant located at a secluded spot.

There's alcoholic K with his Sapporo Draft Beer. He says its fantastic.

A comprehensive list which introduces their dipping sauces.

It didn't take us too long to place our orders.
Food: 1 set meal, 1 kamo stick, 1 Japanese stew.
Drinks: 1 Calpis and 1 Sapporo Draft.
Ordering a set seems the best choice as we get to try abit of everything.

Soon the sauces arrived.
Yellow colored sauce: Karashi (Mustard)
Brown colored sauce: Yakitori Tare

Set C 1st dish: Vegetable stick. Crunchy veggies with Japanese mayonnaise is great.

Up next: Kamo stick. We rarely see yakitori duck dishes, so we ordered this item.
Succulent duck meat with yakitori spices and abit of salt...SLURP!

And Japanese stew came, which consists of cabbage and meat cooked in sukiyaki sauce. Hmm quite an average dish although it was quite tasty.

Set C 2nd dish: Deep fry items.
Lotus root, onion and quali egg. This is to be eaten with the Kya Tare Sauce.
One thing to note was that the batter was thin and crispy *slurp*, meaning it coated the food nicely before it was fried.

Set C 3rd dish: Tender chicken stick and tender chicken with onion stick. Surprisingly, two sticks came for these 2 items, just nice :D The chicken meat was really tender and full of BBQ goodness.

Set C 4th item: Rice and Szechuan Veggie(Za Sai).
These two items were already a good combi for a meal.

Set C 5th dish: Pork neck and pork belly. Pretty good except that it was fatty -.-'

Set C 6th dish: Ginko nuts and mushroom. Quite interesting except that the ginko nuts had salt ~_~ which wasn't quite matching.

It doesn't look like we had alot of food but we were surprisingly full.
The total bill came up to around $60 bucks which wasn't too expensive for yakitori. We soon found out why..cos there was NO GST! Wee~ GST makes a great difference -.-
K says he will be back.

While we were waiting for the bill, we discovered that they actually had versioning tracking for their menus. Ver 2.0~

Ver 3.0 o.O'