Artisan Bread Course 2nd Lesson (30th August)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009 Posted by YY on 12:32 AM

The 2nd lesson was kind of hands-off cos the breads to be made were mixed by 2 groups while the rest watched on. It was until the divide and shaping stage when we got to touch the dough.

The 3 breads to be made:
- Baguette using poolish method
- Baguette using sponge method
- Cranberry Raisin Bread

The cranberry raisin dough was divided according to the number of students in the class and everyone had a hand in shaping the breads.

After the baguette was divided and shaped, its time to put them into the linen cloth so that they can maintain their shape for the final proofing stage.

Raisin breads resting in the couches.

Another variation for the baguette..interesting pattern.

By the 2nd lesson, we were starting to appreciate breads with bold bake(darker color) as they have better tasting crust.

After the baguettes have cooled, Hafizh took out a pack of baguette from Brand X, sliced it across and passed it around. He told us to smell it. Everyone took a sniff and had this EWWW look on their face because the bread smelled like overfried french fries! This is what we have been buying commercially OMG~

Hafizh started comparing the high hydration baguettes we make VS the commercial products that do not even smell/look like a baguette.

The crumb for our high hydration baguette. After tasting baguettes made from both poolish and sponge method, we actually found that the sponge method baguette tasted better O_O

Whole load of Cranberry and Raisins bread..

Looks good~

Cross sectional view.