Central(Trying the 2 world famous foods) & Stanley Mkt

Thursday, August 10, 2006 Posted by YY on 3:55 PM

First Stop: Lan Fang Yuan Cafe
To try : Pork Chop Bun, and their famous silky milk tea.
As recommended by Jap/Taiwan/Singapore Magazines
Verdict: -1/10

Pork Bun: Pork not tasty, and its fatty! Eeek..Those at mong kok tastes even better k !
The mayonaise is better, but thats not the main dish -.-

Milk tea: Nothing fantastic? Yah

Why -1/10? Cos it gave me runs 20mins after i ate it.. I am particular at unclean food..cos my stomache cannot take it..zzz not tasty nvm..its UNCLEAN! Both me and bibi had stomache after eating their stuff...and it delayed my schedule to go Stanley Mkt *bah*

The poisonous pork bun and milk tea

As bibi munched down the contaminated food >.>

2nd stop :Tai Cheong Bakery

Famous for: Egg tarts, cos the last famous guy who ate it is Peng Ding Kang

Cost: 70cts sgd, HKD$3.50 for 1pc, its normal size not MINI

Taste: 8/10, crust is pretty nice..thick crust. Not too sweet. And its fresh and hot~

Below is bibi and 20pcs of egg tarts, standing outside tai cheong bakery. We had 4pcs to ourselves and the rest for my aunt/collegues as their office was nearby and we had asked a favour from them -->directions to the bakery..so we promised to run the errand.

After going to the loo twice, becos of the damn pork chops/milk tea, we finally arrived at Stanley Mkt..ok there's nuttin much there unless u wear a carrot on your head, then go shopping there.

The prices there are meant for tourists k..dun buy unless u are a carrot head. If u wanna see a 'alive' Stanley Mkt, get there before 4pm..Obviously with the runs we had, we arrived there at 5.30pm + and almost everything closed..crap..

And there's chubby yy below, i was having a severe headache and stomache upset..see my forceful smile ?! -.- See the scenary at Stanley ..its pretty nice..but its under renovation now at the areas where u can take nice pictures.. >.>

Actually we wanted to have dinner at Stanley's but its pretty boring there with all the western pubs..so we went to mac to take my panadol with their newly launched summer drink: Lychee Punch *there's no lychee in the drink =.= *

Then we waited to Mini Bus No.40..mini bus are small vans that take about 10+pple at most..and it drives at such high speed down the mountains..*stanley is across the mountains and repulse bay* ..u wanna puke when u get out of it *lmao*

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