On board Star cruise ship:Star Pisces at Typhoon Alert Lvl 3 winds

Thursday, August 10, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:36 AM

On 2nd August, this fateful day..the T1 signal==> Typhoon winds lvl1 flag was in full effect.
We went out shopping at Mong kok, to cover the rest of the grounds..and at the evening 5pm we were supposed to board the cruise liner..

Bibi: " U sure u wanna go the cruise? The typhoon is in lvl1, maybe lvl 3 later..are u scared?"
YY : " Poseidon... got bibi not scared la but u must save me later ar.."
Bibi: " Eh..got life boats..but the women and children will go first what..dun scared"
YY : " Dun wan, i wanna stay with bibi"

*Checks passport and stuff*
*Passes the customs, check in, goes into room*
And settled down, ta da we are on the deck taking pics before the liner leaves the Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour. We had taken 4-5 shaky shots before theres one DECENT pic w/o the winds blowing my hands >.>

And then we went for dinner, to our dismay..u can only eat ONCE out of the 3 restaurants. Which means if u have eaten dinner at the ocean palace restaurant, u cannot eat again for dinner FOC at the mariner's restaurant..if u want extra meal, pay HKD$38 per pax.

So we didnt try all restaurants as we planned to initially..We went into the Chinese fare restaurant..and THEN..MIND U..the food SUX..i tell u Star Pisces 1D 1N cruise is rubbish crap food..i suspect i may cook better stuff then they do..or my mum definitely can..

Nothing is worth mentioning abt the food, except it sux, fullstop.

After dinner, we went to the arcade..small arcade..we saw all the aunties/uncles queueing up outside fortune room, fortune room is a gambling room. Wtf? 1hr before it opens they are queuing up... *just like how maplers click on the maple icon before the server is opened after patch*

While playing at the arcade, the ship was moving and suddenly i felt giddy...we were experiencing choppy waters... we went back to the room as the gambling room hasnt opened..and rested..i felt like puking but stopped myself..

Bibi wanted to gamble..so we went to the few gambling rooms available..at this time its abt 9+pm to 10+...i was feeling all dizzy from the rocking ship...we went into this room with jackpots that i could play while bibi looked around the tables... I chose this jackpot machine with the game that has husky on its icon, mysteriously i won a few times..-_-' i duno why ok. I was playing with half my eyes opened..cos i felt like puking and dizzy

Then the ship started to get violently shaky..suddenly this Ah Peh, he fell down on the floor "BANG" , along with the chair he was sitting in , due to the ship crashing against the waves.

Everyone in the casino turned and stopped, shocked by the sudden fall of the uncle+his chair( it was those high chairs above the ground). And the uncle was like less than 3m away from me..we were both at jackpots.. >.> heng i held on to the jackpot machine while gambling with half my eyes opened.

the banker at one table was vomitting while handing out cards, the couple at the table told the banker, "U go rest lah, we see already also feel xing ku for you". *The manager was holding the vomit bag for the banker while she was gambling and vomitting altogether*

Then bibi said there is nothing much in the room, so he played alittle jackpot and the overall was -HKD$10 >.<

So we went to the casino above, the rocking got worse up there..and i felt so bad..i sat by the side of the ship, near the window panes. Pressing my face against the window, i could see the waves thrashing by ..the ship was rocking sideways, backward and forward too..

"PRANG ! PRANG!" suddenly the glass cabinet storing the captains' photos, slide open and the captains' framed pictures fell on the floor.. *i was wondering if it was a bad omen* Oh btw, i heard when the casino opened, the vases (decoration purposes) fell smashed on the floor too -.-

Then we went into the casino again, I was feeling sleepy and awful..and bibi went to the reception to get the anti giddy pill (duno what issit called in english) I ate it...and i told him to go gamble first, while i rest at the side of the ship..he say no..nvm we go back room rest first.

So i went back and slept..a few times when the ship got violent and i woke up..i ask bibi " Are you alright?" And dozed off to sleep again..

When i finally felt better at about 6am++, i woke up to see a dissatisfied bibi.. he grumbled that i made him come on cruise to watch tv, waste the 100+bucks per pax (this cruise came as a package with our cathay tkts) . But i didnt want this mah..i was feeling so uncomfortable..so he went on with a sulk till we got off the ship at 9am+

This is not the end, its a start of a NEW windy day.

When we stepped out of harbour city shopping centre, we saw the fliming crew from TVB..the "producer" was standing there waiting for the MOMENT to start the camera rolling. The MOMENT finally came, the gales of wind blew by and all the pedestrains' umbrellas started flying in all sorts of direction, so did the DUSTBINS..

*yes u shld have seen the youtube famous Dustbin K.O woman clip by now*

And we wanted to cross..we had to go in front of the camera >.> so we crossed after the wind got less strong, if you see this shortie clad in dark blue oversized wind breaker and a guy wearing red shirt pressing him arm down on her. Thats the 2 of us. Bibi was pressing my arm firmly to keep me on the ground *lmao* Meanwhile i called my aunt for directions on way to home, there was this newspaper store auntie there, she exclaimed loudly, "When there was lvl8 typhoon in full effect, i also never see the wind blow like that!"

We went and took a bus home, but the nearest bus stop for that straight bus no. 271 was too far..and it was drizzling..so we took another bus to the KCR(train) station.

We got down at Hong Kan Station, and we saw a notice saying a tree fell at Shang Shui area and the train service will be delayed. -_-

Nonetheless we had to take the train, we went back and waited and waited in the train for about 20mins..finally it started and it got stuck again at mong kok because the train in front hasn't moved..

So we got down at the stop after mong kok: Sha Tin. Went to mac, grabbed some drinks..and we decided to head home..Luckily the train service resumed, and we went home finally. Bathed and snoozed....~

In the noon/evening news, we realised the havoc caused by this typhoon...Umbrellas flying, bins flying, flights delayed and the whole airport looked like a famine camp with pple in blankets and all. And there were ships with crew members being rescued at sea, that COULD have been US!

On the 4th Aug, we saw the newspapers and we finally understand whats going on!

4th Aug Headlines on Apple Daily: " We want the Head of the Weather Dept to step down!"

o.0 we went...then came the comparison of all the recent typhoons with their wind speed. The prev lvl 8 typhoon had LOWER wind speed then the 派比安 typhoon that we encountered, and the previous lvl9 typhoon they had was just alittle higher speed than 派比安 !

The signal should have been a 八号风球 ! That weather department head says he didnt wanna show a lvl8 signal as that would have caused millions/billions of economic loss...

Wtf ! I was at cruise at a lvl8 typhoon in full effect..no wonder the bankers at the casino puked! Even they had not worked on cruise at lvl8 typhoon...this bastard refuses to signal a lvl8..disregards our lives! I was feeling angry at that...but at the same time, bibi seems to have come to a understanding about me "stopping" him to his road of fortune with my sea sick. He forgave me...for making him watched tv on cruise...but he was still occasionally grumbling though >.<

In the end, did the bastard step down...i duno.. no news on him recently.. *URGH*