The interesting Air Con hawker centre and its RULES

Thursday, August 10, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:04 AM

The Aircon hawker centre, taken from outside. Beneath at B1 there's a wetmarket, where the fruit stall uncle was scolding the auntie for pinching his peaches...

The ice milk tea drink was one of the stuff we kept drinking during our trip.

The HOT and popular fishball horfun which made us choke the traffic for 1hr+

The fishball horfun..taken after we slurped down one bowl..this is the extra bowl..we had no time to take ours..our heads were down slurping away when it landed on our table.

On our 2nd day, my aunt suggested breakfast at the Taipo's aircon hawker centre, u may think aye its just a FOOD COURT...No.. far from it..

The layout of the stores and stuff, is like a hawker centre..whereby pple dun cook in the kitchen concealed from the customers..they cook/fry RIGHT in front of u...
But strangely we dun smell like food when we came out from the hawker centre..which means they are damn good system tt circulates the air around

Ok back to the topic, we waited for 1 hr+ for seats..becos it was SO CROWDED...its not that the whole hawker centre is crowded but theres RULES in the hawker centre..
==> If u are eating from this stall, u have these few tables to sit on..U CANNOT sit elsewhere..u must sit on these few tables...

As the fishball horfun we were planning to have were so darn popular, we ended up hindering the traffic around those tables for the next 1hr+

The ice milk tea was ordered because we were sitting in the table meant for the drinks stall customers >.> The fishball horfun was not bad, different style from Singapore fishball noodles..
Singapore fishballs are bouncy, these HK fishballs will go SPLAT! when u throw them on the floor. And they have no chilli in HK..yes even macdonalds doesnt have it...
So we had chilli oil *read salty but non spicy chilli* to accompany our was not bad la..though i wonder what's the crowd abt =.= Posted by Picasa