The classic "Do not castrate your pet" story

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 Posted by YY on 4:53 PM

As cinderalla lived happily ever after~

Cinderalla was getting old, sitting at the porch on her rocking chair with her favourite pet cat on her lap.

Suddenly, fairy god mother appeared and ask cinderalla if she has any wishes and she would grant her three of em' .

Cinderalla immediately wished for youth again, then riches..
and the last~ To turn her favourite pet cat into a handsome young man.

Proof! It all came true and the cinderalla was satisfied with what she saw.
The handsome young man came over, and whispered into cinderalla's ears:"
Now don't you regret castrating me!?!"

~The End~

Nice classic story eh~ roflmao