$90 to print my memories!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:57 PM

Recently saw a discount voucher for fotohub..time to gather my digital photos for printing..
I gathered a total of 200pcs..and then i did a small..yah very small survey of prices

Criteria: 4R, glossy

Fotohub: $0.45 /pc (From online)
Bedok South Store1: $0.20 /pc (shopkeeper says..yes everything incl. 20cts per pc o.0)
Bedok South Store2: $0.25 /pc (shopkeeper swears no lower as its wholesale price already >.>)
WestMall: $0.40 (eek)

I wonder why the vast difference in prices..if i print at FotoHub after discount, i still nid to pay abt $75 minimum..if no discount..S$90 to print my memories on paper ~ Wtf

Recommend me a store that you tried and produced good clear glossy pictures now!