Hk 2005 (At the Peak)

Sunday, August 13, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:46 AM

We decided to have lunch at the Peak.Saw a restaurant offering set lunches at about 33sgd each. So we had set A and B to try out the food. Quite a number of foreigners having lunch there too.

Bibi waiting for his food..lookin bored...

Sry no pics on main course, we ate them. The dessert, raspberry vanilla sherbert..
smth like tt -_-'

In the wax museum, my 2nd visit..but if u go Peak w/o visiting the museum..i duno what u are there for =.=

Beckham my favourite footballer~ Eh..i know he aint fantastic at the legs..but he's handsome

Finally a passerby decides to help us to take some pic together..

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