Hk 2005 (Off to GZ, Zhu Hai)

Sunday, August 13, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:31 AM

Dad came along and joined us in the tour. He brought us to take this train from to GZ.
These mainland trains are no longer those old fashion stuff u see on tv..its really advanced now. U get a boarding pass which indicates your seat. There is loo, and a small cafe providing snacks on board. About 2hrs++ later, we arrived in GZ.

Btw there is MRT in GZ too, and we went to the Bai Ma Shopping Centre(white horse), becos this guy by the road side selling wholesale guide said so.

On the train, we took some pics. Sry dad u had to sit alone :X

From GZ, we went to Zhu Hai whereby there is a underground shopping arcade.
Selling all sorts of imitations, and some nice lookin but doesnt seem to last shoes at RMB55 per pair.
I bought them anyway.. XD Then we stayed over at this hotel which offers Each double room at about 200RMB per nite, that's about 40sgd and u CAN BARGAIN for the rates. Cos there's actually like 3-4 hotels in that area. The hotel is about 3 stars quality, can stay la not too bad.

Next morning, we woke up and had dim sum. Ordered some huge lookin har gao..and etc items..and it was merely RMB55 = 11sgd.

**Zhu hai is just across the macau customs, its within walkin distance.

Then we saw this weird looking metal case on the table. Can u guess what issit?

Its a can containing PEPPER~ we were amused -_-' Posted by Picasa