Hk 2005 (Da Ao Part I)

Saturday, August 12, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:54 PM

After visiting the buddha, my aunt suggested to go Da Ao which is very near. A small fishing/kampong style village.

We got on a speed boat ride, at about 2pm+ in the hot afternoon, because there's PINK dolphins sightings in the sea in the morning. So there's such rides for tourists to try their luck on viewing the dolphins.

Aunt: "Let's take the boat ride to see dolphins, we may be lucky!"
YY: "Such a hot afternoon, the dolphins are napping le lah.."
Aunt: "U are like ur grandma!" *Gives the omg look*

Apparently, no sightings..they have retired back to the ocean depths for afternoon nap.

So we starting taking pics instead...sry this picture doesnt do justice to bibi again -_-'

Their houses there...kampong style

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