Hk 2005 (Da Yu Shan)

Saturday, August 12, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:48 PM

The Buddha at Da Yu Shan..we took a bus up..on the way, a kid vomitted eek.
And the driver stuffed his nostrils with tissue to block out the smell before he vomits too -.-
After some time, the driver stopped at the bus stop, asked the mum of the sick kid to throw out the vomit into the bin. And the mum simply flunged the bag of vomit out of the van door! Everyone was disgusted by her..zzz

Great photography skills frm bibi~ *I was dying under the hot sun from exhaustion*

I was wondering why's bibi hanging around that turns out he was mesmerised by this spider and its web =.=

Finally ascended to the top platform..more windy..*phew*

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