I got shot again~

Monday, August 14, 2006 Posted by YY on 4:21 PM

I thought i wont be posting for some days..ahh~

I just got shot a few mins ago..

First she installed this 3 CDs as ba gua jing on me, now she types my name 'xxxx' 4 times in the work delegation list..Wonderful~

Oh and when's the deadline? End of september..fantastic

I suppose my name is too easy to type ..such that it was the only name that appeared for 4 times..or issit she loves me so much..despite seeing me in her rear mirrors, she still wants to type my name so many times..splendid~

Fiak! I hate getting shot this way.. ^#%@&*!*#^ due to more frens reading the blog..i shall not spew my usual vugularities in my blog posts unless needed -_-'

*Boo!* (my boss off the pitch)